Fiscal Sponsorships

Democracy projects sponsored by Issue One

ourCovenant’s mission is building and deepening partnerships within communities of faith in support of democracy.

As part of an initiative led by ourCovenant, evangelical pastors and others will gather to build trust, deepen respect and civility through local church member conversations that will connect scripture to building virtuous communities and increasing commitments to a vibrant, healthy democracy.

ourCovenant will collaborate with organizations working to deepen ties among communities of varied faiths, and joint efforts that strengthen civil society and our democratic republic.

ourCovenant also will support and reinforce accurate reliable information from credible sources,  conveyed by trustworthy messengers.

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The Jewish Partnership for Democracy works to mobilize the Jewish community to protect and strengthen American democracy.

The Jewish community — like all faith communities — has an important role to play in American civic life. A More Perfect Union brings together Jewish social-impact organizations — across states, denominations, backgrounds, and political ideologies — to collaborate, learn, and take action to ensure free and fair elections and strong democratic culture in this country. Modeled on collective-impact efforts, A More Perfect Union is already working with nearly 100 partners, each of which has made concrete commitments to recruit poll workers and/or poll monitors, volunteer Jewish buildings as polling sites, recruit lawyers to provide pro bono legal support for election officials, and/or build relationships with local election officials.

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Keseb is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization pioneering a global entrepreneurship ecosystem of pro-democracy entrepreneurs, activists, funders, and scholars to advance inclusive democracies.

Keseb means “of the people” in Geëz, an ancient South Semitic language, originating in Ethiopia and Eritrea, in East Africa.

To turn the tide against rising authoritarianism and build inclusive democracy both in the US and globally, the pro-democracy movement needs to create a transnational pro-democracy innovation ecosystem. Similar to how the social entrepreneurship field has played a pivotal role in advancing social impact, we now have an immense need and opportunity to build an innovation sector for organizations working to build healthy, robust, and inclusive democracies. Keseb is addressing this need by unlocking capital for democracy entrepreneurship, facilitating cross-border learning and network building, and generating insights.

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