Social Media Reform

Working towards comprehensive, bipartisan solutions to address the mental, civic, and public health impacts of social media in America. Learn more about the related work of our Council for Responsible Social Media.

For a decade, Issue One has been a leading voice in the effort to build a democracy that works for everyone. We have defended our elections against disinformation and disruption, advanced a modern and effective legislative branch, and built broad coalitions to strengthen democracy in the face of rising polarization. Throughout this work, we have experienced the downstream effects of social media on our democracy, our kids, and our national security. That’s why we formed the Council for Responsible Social Media — to push back and hold Big Tech accountable. In a national poll released by Issue One and the Council for Responsible Social Media (CRSM), 8 in 10 Americans hold social media responsible for bullying, childhood mental health struggles, and the spreading of false information and conspiracy theories. Big tech companies are operating with no serious accountability or oversight, and they are putting profits above the societal harms to our kids, for our communities, and to U.S. national security.

Social media plays an important role in our world. Our goal is to ensure responsible design and operations so that these technologies can nourish — rather than erode — our society, our wellbeing, and our democracy. Issue One is applying its experience and strengths to bring attention, energy, and bipartisan problem-solving to the challenges posed by social media.


  • Advocate for key policies and legislation with the Biden Administration, on Capitol Hill, and in select state legislatures across the country.
  • Publicly pressure social media companies to make meaningful platform and internal governance changes.
  • Hold bipartisan public events that highlight testimony from parents, pediatricians, child psychologists, national security leaders, and tech experts who can shed light on the impact of decisions being made inside the platforms.
  • Serve as a resource for the media, providing bipartisan insights and information.
  • Develop and strategically distribute powerful content about the harms caused by social media.

Our impact:

  • Created the bipartisan Council for Responsible Social Media comprised of over 50 multi-sectoral leaders who are focused on finding solutions to the technological harms to our kids, communities, and national security. The Council brings together Republicans and Democrats, policymakers and members of the media, impacted communities and key stakeholders to elevate a bipartisan conversation and advance impactful, achievable solutions.
  • Worked closely with the Senate Judiciary Committee in preparation for a hearing relating to kids online safety. Three members of our Council for Responsible Social Media gave powerful testimony and answered questions from senators on both sides of the aisle. Each witness brought a different perspective to the same harsh reality — social media platforms aren’t designed with the wellbeing of children in mind.
  • Built bipartisan support and momentum for the Platform Accountability and Transparency Act, a leading proposal that would empower policymakers, researchers, and the American public to look under the hood of these powerful platforms at the design choices and decisions that have major implications for our mental, physical, and civic health.
  • Worked with key partners to secure support from leading stakeholders for an amicus brief in defense of the California Age Appropriate Design Code, a benchmark law that will ensure that social media platforms are designed and operated with the wellbeing of children and teens as the first priority.

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