Board & Advisors


Whitney Hatch


Fmr. Regional Director for New England, Trust for Public Land; Fmr. Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, GTE Corporation

David Gerson


Founder and President, Beechwood Property Holdings; Fmr. Partner, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP

Barbara Brenner Buder


Fmr. CFO, San Francisco Theological Seminary, Fmr. Executive Vice President, BankAmerica Corp, Corporate Strategy & Development

Diana Aviv

President, Diana Aviv Consultants: Leadership, Strategy, Social Innovation; Fmr. CEO, Feeding America

Deanna Ballard

North Carolina State Senator (R); fmr. Commissioned Officer in the George W. Bush administration

Bill Burgess

General Partner, North Bridge Venture Partners

Julie Ann Crommett

Founder and CEO, Collective Moxie

Carlos Curbelo

Member of Congress 2015 – 2019 (R-FL); Co-founder and fmr. co-chair of the Climate Solutions Caucus; Distinguished visiting fellow at Columbia’s Center on Global Energy Policy; Founder of Vocero, LLC

Katie Fahey

Executive Director, The People; Founder and fmr. Executive Director, Voters Not Politicians

Richard Gephardt

Member of Congress 1977- 2005 (D-MO); House Majority Leader 1989-1995; House Minority Leader 1995-2003; President and CEO of Gephardt Government Affairs

Dan Glickman

Member of Congress, 1977-1995 (D-KS); U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, 1995-2001; Fmr. Director, Institute of Politics at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government; Fmr. Chairman and CEO, Motion Picture Association of America; Fmr. Executive Director, Aspen Institute Congressional Program; Senior Counselor, International Advisory Council Chair, APCO Worldwide; Senior Fellow, Bipartisan Policy Center; Member, ReFormers Caucus

Emil Hill

Executive Vice President, Public Affairs Powell Tate| Weber Shandwick

J.B. Lyon

Co-director, Rebuild Congress Initiative; Managing Director, Mount Independence Investments; Fmr. Managing Director, ZBI Ventures; Fmr. General Partner, Vision Media Investors; Fmr. Vice President for Business Development and Operations, Staples, Inc.

Tom Ridge

Member of Congress, 1983-1995 (R-PA); Governor, 1995-2001 (R-PA); Secretary of Homeland Security; Founder and Chairman of Ridge Global; Member, ReFormers Caucus

Ian Simmons

President, Foundation for Civic Leadership; Co-founder, ActBlue

Peter Staple

Fmr. President and CEO of Corium, Inc. and BioSeek, Inc.; Fmr. Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer, and General Counsel of ALZA Corporation

Patrick Toussaint

Executive Director, HR Strategy at JPMorgan Chase; Co-Founder, Hudson County Progressive Alliance

Linda Jordan Willard

Fmr. Sr. Policy Adviser, TCH Group, LLC; Fmr. Attorney, Sullivan & Worcester and Verner Liipfert; Fmr. Counsel, U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works

Advisory Board

  • Co-chair Bill Bradley
    Senator (D-NJ 1979-1997); Managing Director, Allen & Company LLC; Olympian; NBA Hall of Famer; Best-Selling Author
  • Co-chair Alan Simpson
    Senator (R-WY 1979-1997); Senate Republican Whip (1985-1995); Chairperson, National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (2010)
  • Julie Belaga
    Chief Operating Officer, Export-Import Bank (1994-1999); State Representative, Connecticut House (1977-1987)
  • Michael Chertoff
    U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security (2005-2009); Judge, U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals (2003-2005); Assistant U.S. Attorney General (2001-2003); U.S. Attorney for the District of NJ (1990-1994)
  • Wesley Clark
    U.S. Army General (Ret.); NATO Supreme Allied Commander, Europe (1997-2000); CEO, Wesley K. Clark & Associates
  • Fran Codispoti
  • Tom Daschle
    U.S. Senator (1987-2005); U.S. Congressman (1979-1987)
  • Charles Fried
    Beneficial Professor of Law, Harvard Law School; U.S. Solicitor General (1985-1989)
  • Doris Kearns Goodwin
    Presidential historian and Pulitzer Prize-winning author
  • Trey Grayson
    Kentucky Secretary of State (2004-2011)
  • Chuck Hagel
    Secretary of Defense (2013-2015); President’s Intelligence Advisory Board (2009-2013); U.S. Senator (1997-2009)
  • Jane Harman
    President, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (2011-2021); U.S. Congresswoman (1993-2011)
  • Wade Henderson
    President, Leadership Conference on Civil Rights; recipient of the Congressional Black Caucus Chair’s Award and the District of Columbia Bar’s William J. Brennan Award
  • Carla Hills
    U.S. Trade Representative (1989-1993); Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (1975-1977); Co-Chair, Council on Foreign Relations; Chairman and CEO, Hills & Company
  • Jeffrey Hollender
    CEO and Founder, Hollender Sustainable Brands; Co-Founder, Seventh Generation Inc.; Co-Founder, American Sustainable Business Council
  • Stephen Kay
    Senior Director, Goldman, Sachs & Co.; Chair (2001-2007) and Trustee, Brandeis University
  • Maria Teresa Kumar
    Founding President and CEO, Voto Latino; Contributor, MSNBC
  • Mark McKinnon
    Co-Founder, No Labels; Strategic Advisor to George W. Bush, John McCain, Ann Richards, Charlie Wilson, Lance Armstrong and Bono; Senior Advisor, Hill + Knowlton
  • Admiral William Owens
    Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1994-1996); U.S. Navy (1962-1996)
  • Mike Peabody
    President, Peabody Corporation; Founder, Friends of Choice in Urban Schools (FOCUS)
  • Robert Pennoyer
    Of Counsel, Patterson Belknap
  • Trevor Potter
    Commissioner (1991-1995) and Chairman (1994), Federal Election Commission; Founding President and General Counsel, Campaign Legal Center; Member, Caplin & Drysdale
  • Deborah Pryce
    U.S. Congresswoman (1993-2009)
  • Arthur Rock
    Venture Capitalist; Founder, Rock Center for Entrepreneurship, Harvard University; Founder, Rock Center for Corporate Governance, Stanford University
  • Kevin P. Ryan
    Chairman and CEO, AlleyCorp; Founder and Chairman, Gilt Group; Chairman, The Business Insider; former CEO, DoubleClick
  • Ron Shaich
    Founder, Chairman and CEO, Panera Bread; Co-Founder, Au Bon Pain Company


  • Tim Roemer
    ReFormers Caucus Co-chair
  • Zach Wamp
    ReFormers Caucus Co-chair
  • Bruce Patton
    Senior Strategic Adviser
  • Trevor Potter
    Senior Strategic Adviser
  • Jessica Kelch
    Consultant, Rebuild Congress Initiative