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To find solutions to the harmful effects of social media, we need a way to look under the hood of these powerful platforms. Despite the immense power these companies wield, we know very little about how social media companies collect and use our data, how the underlying algorithms work, and how they shape the user experience online. In short, they are intentionally keeping lawmakers and the American public in the dark.

We’re shedding light on an industry that, for too long, has operated in secrecy and told us to blindly trust in their stewardship of these all-powerful technologies. This is why the Council for Responsible Social Media has formally endorsed the Platform Accountability and Transparency Act that would create a framework for independent, vetted researchers to analyze the design and operations of the major social media platforms.

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Council for Responsible Social Media co-chairs applaud Meta whistleblower; call for congressional action

By bravely coming forward, Arturo Bejar has once again demonstrated that Meta Intentionally and knowingly puts profits over kids' safety, and why Congress must hold them accountable...

Last night, former Facebook Engineering Director Arturo Bejar revealed internal documents and decision points to the Wall Street Journal demonstrating that, once again, the tech giant has ignored the wellbeing…

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