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Social media can serve as a place of community, creativity, and comfort for millions of young people. However, the harms now far outweigh the benefits, with social media fueling what the U.S. Surgeon General has deemed a “national youth mental health crisis” — sharp spikes in a spike in depression, anxiety, bullying, and even teen suicide.

Explore our efforts to work towards solutions that would make tech companies design safer platforms for our children to ensure a healthy relationship between social media and our community. The Council for Responsible Social Media has endorsed the Kids Online Safety Act which gives kids and parents tools to protect their information, disable addictive product features, and opt out of algorithmic recommendations — and it enables the strongest settings by default.

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Council for Responsible Social Media Co-chairs Applaud Biden Administration Actions to Address the Mental Health Impacts of Social Media on Youth

In lieu of congressional action, the Biden-Harris Administration is taking meaningful steps to safeguard children’s privacy, health, and safety from online harms....

In response to this week’s executive order announced by the Biden-Harris Administration to address the growing youth mental health epidemic, and its clear link to social media platforms, Issue One…

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