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Influenced by the work and recommendations of the non-sunsetted Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress, the new Subcommittee on Modernization with the Committee on House Administration — established in February 2023 — is working in an evenly bipartisan manner to advance solutions to make the House a more functional, accessible, transparent, and technologically adept institution. The select committee advanced a total of 202 bipartisan recommendations — of which over 100 were fully or partially implemented.

Established in the 116th Congress with overwhelming support from both parties, the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress is made up of an even number of Republicans and Democrats. It has produced more than 100 bold recommendations — nearly all of which were unanimous — and passed 29 through the House, making the institution more functional, accessible, transparent, representative, and technologically adept. The select committee serves as one of the strongest models for productive, bipartisan collaboration in Congress.

Issue One and partner organizations called for the creation of this select committee, and we have continuously advocated for and helped inform its work. Issue One has repeatedly given testimony before the select committee focused on attracting and retaining smart and diverse staff, with several of our recommendations adopted by the committee. We also successfully pushed for the select committee to be extended past its initial one-year mandate.

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Issue One praises the creation of a permanent modernization subcommittee to strengthen Congress

Leading crosspartisan political reform group advocated for establishment of highly successful select committee in 2018, led efforts to create permanent subcommittee...

Yesterday, the House Administration Committee announced the establishment of a permanent modernization subcommittee to continue the important work of the House Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress. Under the…

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