More Than 100 Former Governors and Members of Congress Take a Stand for Solutions to Money in Politics

<p>Issue One</p>

Issue One

Today, we are proud to officially announce our ReFormers Caucus. What started out as a group of 17 in the spring is now a force to be reckoned with, with 108 members and growing.

This unique, bipartisan group of former governors and members of Congress is united by a drive to build a better democracy – one where the conversation isn’t dominated by special interests and where every American can make their voice heard.

The ReFormers Caucus is the largest bipartisan group of elected officials speaking out for comprehensive campaign finance reform ever assembled. Members include former representatives, senators, governors, CIA directors and a vice president, as well as cabinet secretaries and ambassadors spanning the past five administrations.

This week, voters reminded us that they want solutions to rebalance our democracy — and they will turn out at the ballot box to support that goal

Issue One and the ReFormers are dedicated to achieving nothing short of a radical shift in our political landscape, one that forces Washington pundits and Capitol Hill to reckon with the 84 percent of Americans who believe money has too much influence in our political system.

If you’re a subscriber to the Washington Post, you can check out our full page ad running today.

The best part is that we’re just getting started. Join us.

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