With addition of Gov. Tom Ridge, the ReFormers are 150 strong for democracy

Issue One is pleased to welcome former Homeland Security Secretary and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge to our ReFormers Caucus—growing the coalition to 150 members, one third of whom are Republicans.

Gov. Ridge has dedicated his career to public service. He was appointed the first Homeland Security Secretary by George W. Bush following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Prior to that, he served as Governor of Pennsylvania for two terms after more than a decade as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, representing the state’s 21st district. Governor Ridge is currently the Chairman of Ridge Global, a cybersecurity firm. In 2009 he authored the memoir The Test of Our Times with Larry Bloom about his time leading the Department of Homeland Security.

Governor Ridge brings his vast national security experience to the ReFormers Caucus, where he will work with other ReFormers to show the detrimental impact of the influence of money in politics on U.S. national security.

The ReFormers Caucus is the largest group of former lawmakers ever assembled on behalf of money in politics. They represent more than 40 states, and their ranks include nine cabinet secretaries, 10 ambassadors and 21 governors. As a body, the ReFormers Caucus shares decades of experience in elected office. They have campaigned in the pre- and post-Watergate era, with and without the presence of the Federal Election Commission, in the era of viable public funding for presidential candidates and in today’s post-Citizens United world of multibillion dollar elections. Their first-hand experience and insight are invaluable in our fight to restore a democracy that works for everyone.

We look forward to Governor Ridge’s considerable knowledge as we continue to build a bipartisan coalition dedicated to fixing our democracy and getting our gridlocked Congress back to work for the people.

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