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Issue One joins bipartisan push for key election reforms in Congress

Coalition calls on Senate to find bipartisan path forward on reforms to strengthen elections and protect election officials

Issue One joined with other members of Fix the System — a crosspartisan coalition of political reform groups — in an open letter supporting key bipartisan election reforms in Congress. As members of the Senate begin to discuss a bipartisan path forward on election issues like the Electoral Count Act, the letter encourages the bipartisan Senate working group to also find a bipartisan path forward on key issues like election funding and security, voting rights, and addressing threats to election officials.

“There is a rich bipartisan history for many election reforms and innovations, and now is the time to act to show the world that in American democracy, voters come first,” states the new letter.

The letter cites the success and security of the 2020 election on a national level and notes “the need to invest in our elections like any other piece of critical infrastructure through more regular federal funding for states and localities.”

“We also strongly urge members of both parties to find common ground on the historically bipartisan issue of voting rights,” the letter continued. “Finally, we call on Congress to address the intensifying threats to election officials and frontline poll workers across the country that have unfolded as a result of dangerous and pervasive disinformation. By expanding protections for election officials, their staffs, and their families — and providing federal funding to ensure their safety and security — Congress can send a clear message of support to these professionals at this urgent hour.”

The letter concluded by saying: “Now is a defining moment for our great American experiment and our shared values of freedom and democracy. We remain encouraged by the ongoing discussions in the bipartisan Senate working group and urge members of both parties to harness this momentum to both strengthen and shore up public trust in our sacred democratic system.”

Read the full text of the letter.

The full list of signatories of this letter are as follows:

  • Issue One
  • American Promise
  • Center for the Study of the Presidency & Congress
  • Leadership Now
  • The Lugar Center
  • Millennial Action Project
  • RepresentUs