Issue One updates

Bridge Alliance Education Fund assumes ownership of The Fulcrum

Today, the Bridge Alliance Education Fund announced that it is assuming ownership and control as publisher of The Fulcrum, a nonpartisan nonprofit news publication first incubated and launched by Issue One.

The Fulcrum was created to be the first-of-its-kind digital publication exclusively dedicated to democracy reform, and a hub for the many people and groups across the political spectrum working in the reform space around the country

“We launched The Fulcrum at a time of intense interest in fixing our country’s political system. Our mission to bring Republicans, Democrats, and independents together to renew and strengthen our democracy remains as important as ever,” said Nick Penniman, Issue One Founder and CEO. “With the Bridge Alliance’s coalition of more than 90 organizations vigorously working to defend our democratic republic, we are pleased that The Fulcrum will be able to continue its important work and reporting.”

Issue One looks forward to seeing the Bridge Alliance Education Fund build on the foundation of The Fulcrum as it grows into its next phase. 

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