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Issue One and the Fix the System coalition calls for creation of bipartisan commission to investigate events of January 6

Today, Issue One and the Fix the System coalition expressed support for the creation of a bipartisan commission to investigate the events of January 6, 2021.

In a letter sent to congressional leadership in the Senate and House of Representatives, Fix the System urged that the “guiding purpose of the commission should be to reassure the American people that Congress is taking every sensible measure to ensure we do not have a repeat of this tragic aggression. Restoring the American public’s faith in our political system and institutions will require an honest assessment of the facts and circumstances that led to this event, how it could have been prevented, and recommendations on what should be done to prevent any future such domestic terrorist attacks.”

The coalition supports a commission made up of an equal number of members from both political parties with bipartisan co-chairs. “This is necessary to reassure all Americans, no matter their political affiliation, that the process was fair, representative, and the results were not driven by politics,” the groups state. “Accountability for those responsible, and a national consensus on the vital lessons learned, can only be widely accepted through a process that is not perceived as controlled by one political party.”

The letter continues: “What our nation, and the world, witnessed earlier this year revealed the fragility of our democracy and a long-needed effort to bring the country back together. We hope a less partisan and balanced investigation of the January 6th riots will serve as a first step.”

Read the full letter here.

The full list of signatories of this letter are as follows:

American Promise

Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress


Issue One

Leadership Now

Lugar Center


Unite America