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Issue One warns Congress of inaction on election funding, calls for passage of new legislation before August recess 

As the general election approaches and the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Issue One is making the case to Congress that states need resources now to avoid disaster in November. 

“Issue One strongly urges you to support legislation to provide additional emergency funding to states and localities to ensure safe, secure, and credible elections in 2020 and to ensure that legislation is enacted in July before the August recess,” Issue One said in a letter sent today to all Republican senators.

The letter notes that although election officials around the nation are working hard to ensure every eligible voter is able to cast their ballot safely, they have received just 10-20% of what they need to effectively administer them properly, according to bipartisan surveys and reports. What we’ve seen instead have been primary elections in Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and other states being marked by hours-long lines, absentee ballots not received on time, and closed and understaffed polling locations. 

“Further delay in providing states and localities with the money they need is unnecessary and dangerous to our democratic republic,” the letter states. “Inaction on additional emergency funding by Congress risks a debacle in November.”

Read the full letter here.