Issue One Action

New campaign for safe and secure elections detailed by Washington Examiner

The Washington Examiner today published a story detailing a new advertising campaign to support safe and secure elections by Issue One Action, an affiliate of Issue One.
A Republican former congressman who backs President Trump is the face of a new advertising campaign urging the GOP to embrace mail-in voting and support $1.5 billion in federal election assistance to cash-strapped states.
In an interview on Friday, Zach Wamp said a flood of mail-in ballots this November is inevitable because of the coronavirus, making it imperative Congress act quickly to ensure state budgets that were strained by the pandemic have enough money to finance the spike in absentee voting. That was Wamp’s message in the ad he filmed for Issue One, a bipartisan group spending nearly $1 million to air the spot digitally and on television.
Trump and many Republicans in Congress are openly hostile to expanded mail-in voting. The president told Politico that he views the development as the biggest threat to his reelection bid. But Wamp, 62, a staunch Tennessee conservative, said their suspicions are misplaced and that his years in grassroots organizing taught him that Republicans can excel with absentee voting. To change GOP minds, Issue One is running the ad on Fox News beginning Saturday.
“A whole lot of seasoned Republican leaders know this can be good for us, but it’s also necessary for the country in the middle of a pandemic,” Wamp told the Washington Examiner.

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