New poll: Voters want to reduce the influence of big money in politics

According to a new Issue One poll, 4 in 5 voters in the 2018 election support bipartisan political reform, including reducing the influence of big money in politics and requiring full disclosure of all money being raised and spent to influence our elections. Backing for legislative action is cross-partisan with 85 percent of Democrats, 81 percent of independents, and 78 percent of Republicans in support.

A majority (57%) of voters also want fixing our political system and reducing the role of big money to be a top priority for the 116th Congress. This includes 2 in 3 Democrats, and a majority of independents as well as nearly half of Republican voters polled.

“This poll makes clear that a massive, bipartisan movement is building to fix the political system,” said Issue One CEO Nick Penniman. “Any politicians who don’t embrace political reform are on the wrong side of history. It’s time for our elected representatives to put country above party and begin making American democracy work again.”

The new election eve poll was conducted by Lake Research Partners and the Tarrance Group, the polling firms that field the George Washington University Battleground Poll.


Issue questions reached a total of 1,200 registered voters nationwide who voted in the 2018 elections (margin of error of +/-2.8%). The data were weighted to reflect the aggregated Congressional vote as reported in the 2018 exit polls, as well as by gender, age, race, party identification, education, marital status, union household, and census region to reflect the actual proportions of the electorate. The survey has a margin of error of ±2.0% at the 95% confidence interval. Read more here.