Issue One updates

Rep. Randy Hultgren (R-IL) and Rep. Brad Miller (D-NC) Join the ReFormers Caucus

  • Amisha Parikh-Friese

Issue One welcomes two former members of Congress to the ReFormers Caucus: Illinois Republican Rep. Randy Hultgren and North Carolina Democrat Rep. Brad Miller. The ReFormers Caucus of 200 former members of Congress, governors, and Cabinet officials is the largest bipartisan coalition assembled to advocate for solutions to fix our democracy.

As a new ReFormer, Rep. Randy Hultgren will draw upon his experience serving Illinois’ 14th District from 2011 to 2019. During his tenure, Rep. Hultgren championed human rights, especially as chair of the bipartisan Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission. He also served on the House Committees on Agriculture; Science, Space, and Technology; Transportation and Infrastructure; and Financial Services. Rep. Hultgren has been a vocal advocate of protecting our electoral system from disruption and foreign influence.

Joining him in the ReFormers Caucus is Rep. Brad Miller. From 2003 to 2013, Rep. Miller represented the people of North Carolina’s 13th District, also serving as chairman of the Science and Technology Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight. Rep. Miller is perhaps best known for his work to strengthen consumer protection laws and enforce congressional checks and balances. Since serving his district, Rep. Miller has brought attention to the excessive fundraising demanded of members of Congress, and called for solutions to the growing gridlock in Washington.

Issue One is thrilled to have Reps. Hultgren and Miller contribute their knowledge, leadership, and passion for public service to the ReFormers Caucus. Their unique expertise as former members of Congress will amplify Issue One’s ongoing political reform efforts in the districts they formerly represented and across the country. We look forward to engaging our newest ReFormers in the bipartisan movement to fix our broken political system.