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Swamp Stories Episode 16: Whistleblowers


“You might ask, ‘How much does the voice of a former politician matter?’ Well, one politician, maybe not a lot. 10? You might be getting somewhere. 100? That’s pretty hard to ignore. But 200 former members of Congress all working together to clean up Washington is historic. It has not happened before.”

Across the country, people are disillusioned with politics and believe that lawmakers and the system don’t work for the American people.

In response to the dysfunction, a unique bipartisan group of over 200 former members of Congress, governors, and Cabinet officials has come together to build off their experiences while in office and advocate for solutions to fix our broken political system.

In episode 16, Weston chats with a few of these ReFormers about their time in Washington, their personal swamp stories, and what they’re doing to help increase transparency, improve civic participation, and make our political leaders more accountable to the American people.

Listeners will hear from:

  • Former Amb. Connie Morella (R-MD), Issue One ReFormers Caucus Co-chair
  • Former Amb. Tim Roemer (D-IN), Issue One ReFormers Caucus Co-chair
  • Former Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC), Issue One ReFormers Caucus Member

Check out this week’s episode, “Whistleblowers,” to learn more about what former elected officials are doing to try and put an end to the swampiest practices in D.C. and make lasting political reforms a reality.