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Swamp Stories Episode 19: Recounting 2000

As for the 2020 election, there’s been a lot of talk in the media about how close it’s going to be, about how contested it will be, and all the things both sides are going to do. But for our part as members of the public and patriotic Americans, it’s our job to be patient and peaceful and let the process unfold — no matter how crazy things get.

This year, many Americans are worried that the 2020 elections will be contested, chaotic, and drawn out, leading to comparisons with the infamous 2000 Bush vs. Gore election that was ultimately decided by the Supreme Court.

In episode 19, Weston sits down with Leonard Downie Jr., executive editor of the Washington Post during the 2000 election, to unpack what happened in 2000, what if any parallels there are to this year’s election, and how politics and journalism have changed since 2000. 

Check out this week’s episode, “Recounting 2000,” to hear from a leading journalist who saw the 2000 election unfold and provides listeners with some perspective of why it’s important to be patient while the election process unfolds this November.