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Swamp Stories Episode 22: The President’s Frontman


“It’s clear now, after the 60-plus losses in court by the Trump campaign that followed this bizarre event, Giuliani was showing his hand in the parking lot of the Four Seasons Landscaping. It was innuendo and mistrust he sought to spread, not facts or a coherent argument.”

Former President Trump and his supporters ran a months-long campaign to attack the 2020 presidential election and undermine the democratic process.

Perhaps one of the most notable attacks was launched on the results in Pennsylvania by the man once known as “America’s mayor” — Rudy Giuliani. Dispatched by the Trump campaign, Giuliani led the charge with baseless claims of voter fraud and attacks on mail-in voting.

In episode 22, host Weston Wamp unpacks what occurred in Pennsylvania to shine a light on how disinformation was used to raise doubts about the integrity of the state’s election. 

Listeners will hear from:

  • Former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge (R), former Secretary of Homeland Security

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