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Swamp Stories Episode 23: The Most Secure Election Ever


“All across our country, ordinary Americans form the backbone of our election system. Think of the familiar faces in your local polling place that you see every two years in your county or your parish. Now multiply that by the more than 10,000 jurisdictions in the United States and you can begin to imagine the diverse tapestry of officials, public servants, part-time workers and volunteers who make our elections happen.”

The 2020 election was called “the most secure election in American history” by the federal government’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

Against the backdrop of a worldwide pandemic, running the election was no small task. Across the country, state and local election officials worked tirelessly to administer safe, free, and fair elections.

In episode 23, Weston chats with three of these officials about how they helped make the 2020 election successful despite the numerous challenges they faced.

Listeners will hear from:

  • Jocelyn Benson, Michigan Secretary of State
  • Adrian Fontes, Former Maricopa County Recorder
  • Shane Schoeller, Missouri’s Greene County Clerk

Check out our latest episode, “The Most Secure Election Ever,” now.