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Swamp Stories Episode 32: The Other 97% of Congress


Much of the time when we talk and think about Congress, we don’t consider all the work that happens behind the scenes. Without the congressional staffers who constitute 97% of the legislative branch, legislating would be impossible. But, their ability to do this job is often hobbled by extremely low pay, leading to poor staff retention, low diversity, and ultimately, preventing Congress from fulfilling its oversight role. 

In episode 32, Weston explores the money allocated to members of Congress to run their offices and analyzes how this limited budget is used — or sometimes not used — and what can be done about it. 

Listeners will hear from:

  • Dr. LaShonda Brenson, Senior Fellow of Diversity and Inclusion at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
  • Marci Harris, Co-founder and CEO at POPVOX
  • Meredith McGehee, Former Executive Director at Issue One

Check out the latest Swamp Stories episode: “The Other 97% of Congress