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Swamp Stories Episode 39: Making Outrage Addictive


Social media has become a part of our daily lives, as we scroll endlessly through curated feeds. But it’s clear that these platforms are having a negative impact on our lives and our society in ways we never imagined.

Platforms that were once a way to connect people have become a place where disinformation flows freely, controversy and division turns a profit, and people are pushed into echo chambers where everyone believes the same things and get fed disinformation that amps up their views.

In episode 39, Weston unpacks social media’s psychological and cultural ramifications, but also its impact on our democracy and politics — looking at where we can go from here and discussing the need for increased transparency and accountability.

Listeners will hear from:

  • Nora Benavidez, Senior Counsel and Digital Justice and Civil Rights Director at Free Press
  • Camille Carlton, Communications Manager at the Center for Humane Technology
  • David Jay, Chief Mobilization Officer at the Center for Humane Technology

Listen to episode 39 of “Swamp Stories”: “Making Outrage Addictive