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Swamp Stories Episode 4: The Super PAC Surprise


“We have a system in which the candidates can’t even control their own campaign. And when others can control the campaigns, and it’s being driven not by principle, but profit, you know, you’re going to end up with a system that is badly @#$%&* up.” 

That’s what Mark McKinnon, former political advisor to George W. Bush and John McCain, said about the growth of super PACs and their dominance over our campaigns and political system in conversation with host Weston Wamp on the latest episode of “Swamp Stories.”

Over the past decade, billionaires, political consultants, and super PACs have more control than ever as both parties pull out all the stops to win the White House and control of the House and Senate. But in a game where these outside groups are supposed to be “independent” of candidates, they are anything but, and the only ones left in the dark are the voters. That’s according to Trevor Potter, former Federal Election Commission chair and Campaign Legal Center President.

“What you routinely see the leaders of Congress in both parties do is go to a room full of literally billionaires and say, ‘This PAC is doing great work. It’s really important to us retaining control of Congress. I hope you will contribute to it. I’m going to leave the room now and John Smith is going to tell you how you can do that.’ The congressional leader walks out of the room and John Smith now says, ‘I’d like you to write $100,000 check made out to X,’ and that’s happening all the time.”

But that’s just the beginning. Learn more in today’s episode, “The Super PAC Surprise.”