Book Event: “The Death of Truth” by Steven Brill

Virtual Event

11am ET


Join us for an open discussion with author Steven Brill to discuss the subject matter of his most recent book: “The Death of Truth: How Social Media and the Internet Gave Snake Oil Salesmen and Demagogues the Weapons They Needed to Destroy Trust and Polarize the World — And What We Can Do.”

The conversation will surround the insidious rise of misinformation in the digital age. In his book, Brill exposes the dark side of social media, generative AI, and programmatic advertising, revealing how these forces conspire to blur the lines between fact and fiction. Our panel will delve deeper into the impact of online misinformation. We will hear from the author himself, and other experts, on how we diagnose the Death of Truth.

The panel will include:

  • Steven Brill: Author of “The Death of Truth”
  • Nicole Gill: Executive Director and Co-founder of Accountable Tech
  • Nick Penniman: Co-founder of Issue One