Reimagining American Democracy Series: Democracy in America, Democracy in the World

12 - 1 pm EST


American democracy has long served as a beacon for other nations, and when it fails to reach its full potential the ripple effects are global. What role should American democracy play on the world stage today, and how could this engagement in turn help to strengthen democracy back home?

Join us for episode 7 of our “Reimagining American Democracy” series.

Panelist details to be added soon.

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Reimagining American Democracy is a new discussion series for all who believe in the future and promise of American democracy. Reimagining American Democracy is a joint initiative of the George W. Bush Institute, Freedom House, Issue One, and the National Center for Civil and Human Rights,. It consists of 360° conversations envisioning what a more vibrant and inclusive democracy in America could look like — and what it will take to get there.