The Deepfake Dilemma: A Council for Responsible Social Media Webinar

The evolution of generative AI has introduced new and increasingly accessible tools that will define the information ecosystem in which the 2024 election takes place. The Deepfake Dilemma, an event sponsored by Issue One’s Council for Responsible Social Media, unites national security leaders, AI experts, and democracy experts for a discussion about what can be done to safeguard American national security and electoral systems from emerging generative AI technologies, including deepfakes. What needs to be done to ensure a safe and healthy information environment around the 2024 election?


  • Mike Rogers: Former Director of the NSA and U.S. Navy Admiral
  • Isabelle Frances Wright: Executive Director of Vote For Freedom and Former Global Election Integrity Policy Lead at TikTok
  • Sara Myers West: Managing Director of the AI Now Institute and former Senior Advisor on AI at the Federal Trade Commission