Democracy Community

“Reimagining American Democracy” Series

A new discussion series for all who believe in the future and promise of American democracy. Reimagining American Democracy is a joint initiative of Freedom House, the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, the George W. Bush Institute, and Issue One. It consists of 360° conversations envisioning what a more vibrant and inclusive democracy in America could look like — and what it will take to get there. RSVP to attend the online events.

Episode 1: Democracy in America

Leaders from across the political spectrum explore: what are the most critical elements of a healthy, strong, inclusive democracy in America?

Episode 2: The Vote

One voice, one vote: this is the backbone of democracy. What kind of voting reform measures can help to realize American democracy’s full promise?

Episode 3: Disinformation & Democracy

A turbulent few years in American politics have left the media’s role in democracy shaken, allowing ever greater space for disinformation to flourish. What will it take to restore a sense of shared purpose through shared facts?

Episode 4: Securing Elections

America’s voting infrastructure has suffered everything from cyber attacks to political interference in recent years. To what extent is the U.S. prepared for the next round of challenges, and what can be done to shore up election security and integrity for many years to come?

Episode 5: Rethinking Civic Education

A strong democracy also requires a deep commitment to civic learning and education. What will it take to ensure that everyone is equipped with the necessary democratic knowledge, values, and tools in order to fully participate in the civic and political life of their communities?

Episode 6: Reviving Civic Education

If a democracy is only as healthy as its parts, then the people participating in it are its beating heart. What will it take to reimagine and revive civic engagement, from reviving national service to diversifying the political talent pipeline?