A video from the Faces of Democracy: Congress needs to act now to support election officials

Media Contact

Cory Combs

Director of Media Relations

In this video from Issue One’s Faces of Democracy campaign, election officials from across the country call on Congress to provide reliable and consistent funding to ensure safe and secure elections in 2024 and beyond.

Despite the challenges election officials and poll workers have faced over the past several years, they continue to show up and ensure that all eligible voters are able to cast their ballot and make their voice heard. To continue to do this, Congress needs to act now and provide them with necessary resources — including providing additional funding to bolster our nation’s election infrastructure and strengthening protections for those who administer our elections.

The Faces of Democracy campaign brings over 40 election officials and poll workers together from across the country and political spectrum to strengthen U.S. elections. The campaign is powered by the personal stories and experiences of the individuals who keep our elections free and accessible, with the goal of winning regular, predictable, and sufficient funding for state and local election administration; protections for election workers and facilities; and increased trust in our electoral processes.