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“Americans are witnessing surgical strikes on our democracy,” says Issue One Founder and CEO Nick Penniman following President Biden’s address on voting rights

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Cory Combs

Director of Media Relations

Following today’s remarks by President Biden on voting rights, Issue One Founder and CEO Nick Penniman issued the following statement:

“Americans are witnessing surgical strikes on our democracy in state capitals across the country. They aim to make it harder for certain people to vote in certain places, just enough to tip the scales of future elections. 

“After a safe and successful 2020 election with record turnout, lawmakers should be making it easier to vote, not harder. And, by the way, ease of voting and election integrity are not competing factors.

“In addition to election reforms, it’s time for Congress to adopt bold reforms to fix our broken political system, from ending gerrymandering to reducing the influence of Big Money over policymaking. 

“So far, Senate Republicans have shut down even debating such reforms, despite Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) offering important compromises. His proposal includes components that are overwhelmingly supported by voters across the political spectrum, as well as members of Congress on both sides of the aisle. Republicans need to join the debate — not stop it — and say what they are for and not just what they are against. 

“The Founders knew that our democracy would — either because of corruption or myopia — routinely fall into states of disrepair that would then require renovations. Now is one of those moments of renovation. 

“Which Republicans are ready to help lead the way?”