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Issue One and the Fix the System project release ad urging action on a safe and secure election

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Cory Combs

Director of Media Relations

Today, we are proud to announce Issue One’s leadership in the Fix the System project, a new coalition of political reform organizations, business leaders, and advocates seeking to bolster our democracy, strengthen Congress, and fix the broken political system. 

Members of this broad coalition also include Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress, FixUS, Leadership Now, the Lugar Center, RepresentUS, Stand Up Republic, and Unite America

Some members of Fix the System also released a new ad today urging immediate federal and state action to ensure a safe and secure general election in November. The ad promotes early voting and vote-by-mail to ensure that all Americans can vote during this public health crisis and beyond. 

Watch the new ad here, which will be promoted digitally to target audiences. 

Nilmini Rubin, co-founder and managing director of the Fix the System coalition, released the following statement: 

This pandemic shines a spotlight on the importance of protecting and safeguarding our democracy. Americans must have safe, fair, and secure elections so we can choose the political leaders that can fight for our health and economic prosperity. The political foundations of the United States require maintenance and cannot be taken for granted.


Issue One, Founder and CEO, Nick Penniman

“Coronavirus has ground many aspects of our lives to a halt, but it has also made clear that the stakes are high for our democracy. Though getting  a handle on this health crisis must be a top priority, the COVID-19 pandemic has the potential to do lasting damage to our free and fair elections, the cornerstone of our political system. Repairing our democracy is something we as Americans do together — in a bipartisan way — and we must do that now beginning with making sure that every eligible American can participate in the 2020 elections.”

Leadership Now Project, CEO and Co-Founder, Daniella Ballou-Aares

“A stable political system is the basis for a healthy economy. However, current business practices are perpetuating political dysfunction that thereby threatens economic growth. We believe business leaders—their expertise, their resources, and their networks—can be a part of the solution to fix the system and help restore Americans’ trust in our political leaders and institutions.”

The Lugar Center, Director of Policy, Dan Diller

“Our government sometimes can limp to bipartisan action on less controversial problems or when deep systemic failure leaves politicians no other choice.  But forward-looking solutions to the most consequential issues, including climate change, budget deficits, immigration reform, and the solvency of Social Security and Medicare will remain beyond our capacity until we loosen the grip of partisanship on American politics. Fix the System’s cross-partisan approach brings new forces and strategies to bear on the problem and exemplifies confidence that Americans are ready to rally around good ideas to repair our democracy.”

Unite America, Executive Director, Nick Troiano

“Congress is gridlocked, legislation is at a standstill, and political divisions are tearing the country apart. Distrust and dysfunction are now hallmarks of our political system, but it wasn’t always this way. So what happened? Our politicians have stopped representing us. To repair our political system, we have to fix the incentives that govern it, so elected officials can once again put country over party.”  

RepresentUS, Co-Founder and Director, Josh Silver

“What we need today is a movement dedicated to passing laws that stop political bribery, end secret money, and fix our broken elections. We can fix the system and put voters first by ending gerrymandering and passing ethics and transparency laws that hold elected officials accountable. That’s why we are coming together to fix the system.”

Stand Up Republic, Executive Director, Evan McMullin 

“The Fix the System coalition is leading the movement to empower the American people by reforming our elections and bolstering government accountability. For this great American experiment of self-government to continue to thrive, voters must remain at the forefront of the political process, ensuring that government better represents the people and the common interest.”