Huntsman and Roemer: Level of Money in Politics Threatens “The Future of Our Democracy”

<p>Flickr- Jean & Oliver</p>

Flickr- Jean & Oliver

Big news! Gov. Jon Huntsman (R-UT) and Amb. Tim Roemer (D-IN), two members of our bipartisan ReFormers Caucus, on Wednesday wrote a strong piece in Politico describing solutions to our governing crisis that Republicans in tonight’s debate should support. Appearing in the online Magazine and in print, their thought piece is one of the most high-profile validations thus far of the ReFormers and the solutions they endorse.

Like the other ReFormers, Gov. Huntsman and Amb. Roemer have seen the system from the inside. As they describe, this is an issue that unites people of all political persuasions, and we must use this supermajority of support to push for change. With 85% of respondents to a recent New York Times/CBS News poll answering that the campaign finance system needs “fundamental changes” or to be “completely [rebuilt],” this should be a signature issue for politicians of all ideologies.

With such broad support for reform, it’s disheartening that money in politics has barely been touched in the presidential primary debates thus far. The functioning of our democracy depends on effective solutions. As Huntsman and Roemer argue, “the debates are an opportunity to not just harp on what’s broken, but also to offer articulated policies that will ensure that all citizens feel represented by their government.”