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Issue One commends House for bipartisan vote that would prevent Americans’ sensitive data from being sold to foreign adversaries

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Cory Combs

Director of Media Relations

Following a unanimous vote in the House in support of the Protecting Americans’ Data from Foreign Adversaries Act (H.R. 7520), which would prevent the sale of sensitive American data to foreign adversaries, Issue One’s CEO and Founder Nick Penniman issued the following statement:

“Foreign adversaries have an interest in obtaining Americans’ personal data so they can target voters with polarizing messages aimed at magnifying political divisions and sowing distrust in democracy, particularly during a critical election year. Today’s vote is a step in the right direction to limit foreign interference in our elections, but it’s still no substitute for comprehensive data privacy legislation. We strongly urge Republicans and Democrats in Congress to continue working together to protect Americans’ sensitive data, ensure effective oversight of the tech industry, and safeguard American elections from foreign interference. These standards should be applied not only to foreign actors, but to American companies as well.”