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Issue One Founder & CEO Nick Penniman reacts to Jan. 6 Committee’s criminal referrals against former President Trump

“Every person involved in the conspiracy must be brought to justice, and that includes the former president.”

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Cory Combs

Director of Media Relations

In response to today’s vote by the January 6th Committee to issue criminal referrals to the Department of Justice against former President Trump, Issue One Founder and CEO Nick Penniman released the following statement:

“We’re all numb to current events these days, especially ones involving former President Trump, but we need to recognize how incredibly weighty this moment is. Throughout the course of its bipartisan investigation, the January 6th Committee has uncovered profound and disturbing evidence pointing to a criminal conspiracy to overturn the will of the people following the 2020 presidential election. Every person involved in the conspiracy must be brought to justice, and that includes the former president.

“As the Committee releases its final report, it’s vital that Congress give serious consideration to its recommendations in order to strengthen the guardrails of our democracy. Doing so is more about the long-term stability of our republic than about a single man or group of former officials. It is also imperative the Congress enacts a complete update to the Electoral Count Act, which is within days of occuring.

“The Committee has led an investigation that has been attacked rhetorically but not substantively or factually. It conducted more than 1,000 interviews and depositions and acquired more than 140,000 documents. Every member of the Committee has undertaken an oath to protect and safeguard our democracy, and we thank them for their patriotic service.

“Members of Congress take an oath to the Constitution, not to a person or a political party. Those things are fleeting, and always look less important in the rearview mirror of history. What must endure is the rule of law, the peaceful transfer of power, and commitment to America, first and foremost. We all expect our public servants to act accordingly.”