Issue One releases third “Truthtellers” video to expose election disinformation

Conservative millennial political reformer Weston Wamp sets the record straight about bogus Arizona “fraud” claims

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Cory Combs

Director of Media Relations

Today, Issue One released the third episode in its “Truthtellers” video series that exposes the massive disinformation campaign about the 2020 election that former President Donald Trump and many of his supporters continue to spread.

The new episode, titled “Off the Rails,” looks at Arizona, where in Maricopa County, former President Trump, his attorneys, and allies alleged widespread fraud.

Host Weston Wamp — a millennial conservative, Republican political reformer, and host of Issue One’s “Swamp Stories” podcast — explores a little known fact that’s virtually been unreported by the mainstream media that undermines the entire fraud narrative.

In the video, Wamp talks with former Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes, a Democratic election official who worked with a 4-1 Republican board of supervisors to run the election in the fourth-largest county in the country.

The catch? On the day that Donald Trump lost the state, Fontes — one of the people who presumably was complicit in the “fraud” — also lost his own reelection campaign.

Says Fontes in the interview: “I was up on election night, and we lost our lead, and ultimately lost the race. I felt good about the process though because that’s what’s supposed to matter here.”

Each episode in this unique series examines different widespread false claims in a short two-minute format, one of the few places where a Republican is taking on the former president’s lies for his fellow conservatives and setting the record straight for the many Americans unsure about the facts of the 2020 election. The first two episodes combined have already been viewed nearly 40,000 times on Twitter, and more than 500,000 times on Facebook.

Future videos in the series are planned as part of a larger, continued effort by Issue One and its National Council on Election Integrity to combat disinformation, ensure our elections are secure, and protect the freedom to vote.

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