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Issue One responds to DOJ charges in case involving mysterious shell company donor

“No one should be able to hide their political giving by using a shell company,” said Issue One CEO Nick Penniman

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Cory Combs

Director of Media Relations

Issue One released the following statement in the wake of the Department of Justice charging three executives of a government contractor who allegedly funneled money to a super PAC through a mysterious Hawaii-based company named Society of Young Women Scientists and Engineers LLC.

This Hawaii-based company was one of a dozen LLCs highlighted in our July 2020 “Mystery Money” report about the threat of untraceable funds flowing into super PACs from mysterious shell companies. Government contractors are prohibited from making political contributions, and prosecutors allege the business executives created this LLC to obscure their political giving.

“No one should be able to hide their political giving by using a shell company to make a contribution. That’s what crime rings do,” said Issue One Founder and CEO Nick Penniman. “Transparency for political money helps guard against corruption and the appearance of corruption. It allows journalists and citizens to play our roles as the watchdogs of our democracy. Without transparency, it’s impossible for voters to know who is trying to buy influence with the politicians whose decisions impact their lives.”


For tips on how to investigate mysterious LLCs that make large contributions to super PACs, check out our tip sheet.