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New poll finds strong bipartisan support for expanded protections to keep our election officials safe from threats and harassment

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Cory Combs

Director of Media Relations

A new national poll released today by Issue One found that a strong majority of Americans across party lines support protecting the sensitive personal information of our election officials.

The poll, conducted last month by Citizen Data, shows that 77% of Americans believe that sensitive information, such as home addresses and license plate numbers, should be protected from public disclosure.

Broken down by party affiliation, 76% of Republicans and 77% of Democrats and independents support such protections.

“Last year, in response to increased threats and deadly violence, Congress enacted a law granting federal judges the right to protect sensitive personal information,” said Dokhi Fassihian, Issue One’s deputy chief of strategy and program. “With election officials today facing dangerous intimidation, harassment, and harmful threats, it’s time for our elected leaders to extend these necessary protections so the brave individuals administering our elections can do their jobs safely. We cannot tolerate any behavior that places our hardworking election officials or democratic processes in jeopardy.”

The overwhelming public support comes as dozens of election officials from across the country come to Washington, DC, this week to urge members of Congress and the Administration to increase federal funding for elections and enact stronger protections for election workers. All are members of Issue One’s Faces of Democracy, a program powered by the personal stories and experiences of election officials and poll workers who keep our elections free and fair, with the mission of winning regular, predictable, and sufficient funding for state and local election administration, protections for election workers and facilities, and increased trust in our electoral processes.

Today’s poll follows another national survey commissioned by Issue One earlier this year which found that Americans across party lines agree that the federal government should be more responsible for election funding.

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