A New Narrative for American Democracy

An aspirational and powerful story that can transcend the hyperpartisanship of our current politics

As anti-democracy forces continue to seize on election disinformation to justify an unprecedented assault on our elections, Issue One has partnered with Civic (Re)Solve on a year-long strategic research project to create a new narrative for American democracy — an aspirational and powerful story that can reach beyond coastal bubbles, speak directly to the hearts of everyday Americans, and reinvigorate values that transcend the hyperpartisanship of our current politics.

What we found was a people deeply wedded to the country they love and profoundly dispirited by the democracy that lies at its core. We also found that this need not be a permanent condition. There is a way out of this mess.

Building on research already conducted by our friends at More in Common, Voting Rights Lab, the Research Collaborative and so many others, Issue One enlisted four innovative public opinion research and message development firms — Artemis Strategy Group, Avalanche Insights, Citizen Data, and the Neimand Collaborative — to take an unconventional approach in an effort to break new ground. We then worked with GMMB, a leading strategic communications firm, to synthesize the data; identify key insights, learnings, and messages; and develop this report.

Learn more about how we found we can change the public discourse about democracy, engage Americans with a message about an inclusive democracy that works for all, and assist all of our partners within the democracy space to build a better America.

Interested in viewing the full data? Please fill out this form to request access to our interactive narrative dashboard.*

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*Should you use the data, please credit the New Narrative for American Democracy project of Issue One and Civic (Re)Solve, and cite the appropriate data source (Artemis Strategy Group/Neimand Collaborative, Avalanche Insights, or Citizen Data).