Here’s what happens when you enforce campaign finance laws

Turns out that even if you’re no longer in office, you have to follow the rules and pay your bills.

Which is a problem for former congressman and failed 2013 mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. An audit by the New York City Campaign Finance Board found that Weiner owes more than $195,000 in public matching funds to the city.

According to board officials, Weiner committed 10 violations of the city’s campaign finance law. These missteps included accepting 21 donations beyond the legal limit, including from entities and individuals doing business with New York City, misspending campaign funds and missing financial disclosure deadlines.

“A law is only as good as its enforcement,” said Meredith McGehee, chief of programs, policy and strategy at Issue One. “The New York City Campaign Finance Board should be commended for showing that no one is above the law.”  

During his race for mayor, Weiner received more than $1.6 million in public matching funds, and still has $856,000 cash on hand.

A full list of the fines against Mr. Weiner is available from the New York City Campaign Finance Board.