Announcing Issue One’s Snapshots Project

Let’s face it: Not everyone can follow every money in politics, ethics or conflict of interest story, especially when there are daily — or hourly — developments.

But we also live in a country where 93 percent of citizens think government is more responsive to deep-pocketed donors than the people. We need to seriously address these issues in order to return government to the American people. That’s why being informed is more important than ever — and why we’re launching “Snapshots.”

At the end of each month, we will sift through all the noise to give you a rundown of the most important things that happened in the money-in-politics world. From the executive to the legislative branch, to state-level fights and beyond, our handpicked “snapshots” are what you need to know if, like most Americans, you care about fixing these issues.

For our first edition of Snapshots, we recap President Trump’s continuing conflict of interest saga, Congress’ failed attempt to gut the bipartisan, independent Office of Congressional Ethics and the South Dakota legislature’s brazen, rejection of voter-mandated ethics measures. We explain what happened, why it matters and what to watch for going forward.

We also list the most important ethics and money in politics bills that were introduced to Congress in January by both parties.

If you only have time to read one thing about money in politics issues, make it our Snapshots.

Get the full picture with our Snapshots.