Look Who is Right on the Money

Before Donald Trump was for accepting donations from wealthy donors, he was attacking it.

But as one Republican said, “If there is one thing that unites both parties up here, it’s money.”

Today, we’re launching a new resource called “Right on the Money” to highlight conservative and Republican research, polling and statements from elected officials, thought-leaders and voters about what we believe is most important issue to our democracy today: money in politics reform.

The fear of corruption and too much influence from special interests isn’t newJames Madison wrote about it in the Federalist papersbut it has reached crisis-level proportions. We are witnessing in real-time a breakdown of our country’s ability to govern and fix problems.

Here’s some of what you will find:

  • 76 percent of Republicans agree with the statement, “Money has greater influence than ever before,” according to the Pew Research Center. (76 percent of Democrats do, too!)
  • Fox News and the New York Times agree: our campaign finance system that trades access and issues for campaign donations is broken and built to empower the will of the few over the needs of the many.

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