Trouble in Paradise: Florida Scraps Childrens Surgery Standards Over Political Donations

  • Kelly Ngo
<p>Flickr – Craig ONeal</p> (Lightning storm in Florida represents borken democracy)

Flickr – Craig ONeal

(Lightning storm in Florida represents borken democracy)

Sometimes a situation makes the case for money in politics reform so clearly that it doesn’t require further explanation.

That is unfortunately the case in a story today out of Florida, which describes how the state abandoned quality standards for children’s heart surgery after a health care provider that had consistently failed to meet those standards pumped thousands of dollars into political action committees connected to Florida Governor Rick Scott and the Republican Party of Florida.

It’s a jaw-dropping piece, and certainly required reading for anyone skeptical that the interaction of money and politics in America has resulted in anything short of a crisis. Washington may be in denial, but stories like this make it plain as day to anyone willing to see.

Here at Issue One we’re interested in helping more people understand this crisis. That’s why we’re planning to explore the connections between money in politics and Americans’ everyday lives in our upcoming research series “The Price We Way”. Check back soon to see coverage on topics like health care policy, government spending, drug prices, prison reform, education and others.

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